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What is a Smart Home?

It is all about convenience and comfortable living. The house takes care of the tasks we do not want to do any more …

It takes away the nuisance of such things as:

  • Worrying if everything is OK at home while you are away
  • Getting up from the warm bed just to check if you closed the garage door or turned off the lights in the basement.
  • Making a U-turn in the middle of a busy street to check if you turned off the stove and put the alarm ON.
  • Spending time adjusting blinds on a busy work-day morning


Your home will wake up, start thinking, and be able to detect the presence of people, pets, cars, smoke, humidity, moisture, lighting, temperature and movement.

Doors, windows, common areas, lights, and thermostats all become smarter. They will get to know you and sense your habits to please you and learn the patterns to prevent possible disasters. Things will become intuitive, adding to the quality of life and enjoyment.

Now your home, your best friend, gives you a hand and offers you a peace of mind!

Home Entertainment System

Smart home brings Entertainment to a new level by letting you:

  • play music throughout the whole house,
  • eliminating multiple remotes,
  • allowing to stream music and movies from internet to any TV
  • all with a single touch screen controller
Home Entertainment System

Benefits that Home Automation brings

  • Personal convenience and enjoyment
  • Enhanced home security
  • Energy saving
  • Increased value of the house
benefits of home automatiotion
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How it works?

Home automation is exactly as it sounds: the ability to automate control over items around the house, from window shades to pet feeders with a simple push of a button or even easier: with a voice command!

What makes the house smart is the technology that connects various devices and appliances into one system allowing them to talk to each other, and which you can easily control virtually from anywhere in the world. Read more about current technology.

What’s New?

Technology is boosting and new smart devices for your home appear every day. The time of singing bulbs, flying pizzas and broadcasting ovens has come. That is why we are constantly looking for different creative solutions and new cool gadgets that appear on the market. Read our blog for new products on the market.


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