The home owner now is automating everything. Things that you would expect, like audio, lighting, climate, video, motorized shades — but also some stuff you would never think of.

Digital backsplash

motorized tv lift
The variety of ways you can install and control TV is numerous. It can be dropped down from the ceiling, come out from the bed to be viewed at the foot of your feet, hidden behind walls and mirrors until you call for it. The newest trend is a digital backsplash, where the touch screen or a TV is installed or pulls out right above the countertop below the cabinets. These smart walls can display security camera feeds, pictures or the kids’ artwork, or be used to search the Internet for recipes.

Interactive voice control

Interactive voice control, like Apple’s Siri is the next major trend. It understands what you say and even talks back. It let’s you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls. Siri is also incorporated in the Apple’s HomeKit automation framework.

Along with Siri there are other voice commands applications: Google Now for Android Cortana for Windows. All three are really exciting to use. See the comparative review of the three applications:


Smart kitchen

Smart Kitchen is definitely the next big thing. It’s about connecting kitchen appliances and presenting video recipes from best chefs,  offering new ways to cook and deliver food. Smart Kitchen summit held recently in Seattle, reveals opportunities and challenges in this area.

The hit of the season is definitely the June. June Intelligent Oven is a computer-based countertop oven that’s aimed at letting anyone produce restaurant-quality meals. It can recognize food, cook to preference and even help you to plan your grocery shopping.