Home Automation System – Case Study 1


Hi, I am Robert.

I am the MAN of the house. I love my family and I feel responsible for them.

I run the big family furniture business, but I was always crazy about technology.

I want more convenience in my life and I want more time to do what I like at home – relax and listen to the music or enjoy a good movie with my family and friends. That’s why I built my Smart Home, my best friend and helper. And I am always happy to share with my friends what they can do.

To know that the loved ones are protected I put in place an elaborate security and surveillance system:

I have pre-programmed different modes and home automation scenarios into my home. At a touch of a button a series of commands are being executed:

  • Away mode activates security cameras, burglar alarm, and I even installed an automated shut-off valve for the main water intake so that it can turn-off the water in case of a leak and prevent the damage. The outside and inside lights are pre-programmed to light up the house to imitate that we are home to turn away any intruders.
  • Danger mode will make all lights flashing and the sirens on. It will be activated if the security sensors detect unexpected movement, the door is opened by an unknown person, or the window is broken. Knowing you are protected is a great feeling.
  • Coming home. The house knows when I arrive. The sensor in my car tells the receiving device to open the garage, turn on the light and even welcome me with a heated sauna in winter time.
  • I have installed digital locks and wide-angle indoor surveillance cameras. We don’t have to worry about loosing the keys, hurrying up to open the door to a house cleaner, a dog walker or a handyman. I can give them a single use or a limited access password, open the door for them from my phone and close after they leave and even see them work in my house.
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To save money on energy bills

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Energy Saving
  • I put together the LIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. It connects lights, motorized shades and smart thermostat to give us maximum comfort with minimum energy cost. I installed the dimmable LED lights throughout the house, because they use 10 times less electricity, including some multi-color light bulbs for special moods.
  • When I started using automatic shades, I realized that now we enjoy more daylight, which not only saves money, but uplifts our mood. I put darker shades on one side of the house to preserve a beautiful view of the ravine, and lighter shades of the same sheer factor on the side facing the street for more privacy. I use motorized roller shades in the house because they look fantastic and give the house the modern appearance. At the cottage I use honeycomb shades at the cottage for maximum insulation in winter and in the summer.
  • When we go to the cottage in winter nothing feels better than arriving into a well-lit driveway and a warm house. No more entering into a cold dark empty place. The temperature is perfect, the blinds are in the right position, the favourite music is playing , the gas fireplace is inviting to sit down with a bottle of wine and relax. I love winter this way!

And finally, I put the saved money into something fun: a new, state of the art, entertainment system

  • I can control music in any room of the house. “Party mode” plays a song on all speakers of the house simultaneously, including the outdoor speakers by the Pool. The lights are romantically dimmed in the sitting area, shining festive bright in the eating area and flashing cheerfully in the dancing area of the house. This creates a holiday atmosphere. I can control audio and video of the whole house from any control panel in different rooms and also from my smart phone and iPad. With the help of Bose Sound touch entertainment system I can stream high quality music from internet. My Spotify app is always on.

  • Different mood for different places. With the multi-room audio feature I can play different music in different room. I love acoustic guitar in my study room, my wife plays jazz in the living room and dub step is heard from the basement.
  • I can create those myself, schedule events and much more without ever opening a laptop. I am confident to make changes, create scenes and schedules with just a few taps on my iPad.
  • The devices are integrated to automatically interpret whether to dim the lights and drop the window shades when the television is turned on during the day.
  • I have the menu for favourite channels and radio stations. This eliminates the need to scroll down the whole list, since I use only a dozen of channels.
  • All devices in my system are controlled from the iPad. No more frustration about multiple remotes, which tend to be missing when you need them.
  • Good morning mode. Imagine waking up to a smell of coffee, soft music, and the bedroom gradually brightening up to let your eyes to adjust. The bathroom mirror is giving you the weather report while you shave and the TV is telling what makes the news today. A perfect start of the day!

I really have fun with my home automation system. It challenges my imagination and invokes creativity. Every time I invite guests over to my house, I try to think of something new and show off my house’s talents.  One day it could be voice activated commands to the sound system to play their favourite songs, the next time it could be a singing fireplace or self-lighting scotch cabinet…

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