Home Automation System – Case Study 2

case-study 2

Hi, I am Lucia

I love to spend time at home. I always smile hearing my tech-savvy husband singing to me through the house security camera from his office or having our garage door open unexpectedly. I know he is demonstrating to his friends his home automation achievements.  So, I wave back to him into the camera.

I am a loving mom of three kids, but also a busy office manager, and I don’t have a single minute to catch my breath during the day. That’s why I love our smart home, which gives me peace of mind.

My smart house helps me with so many other things and makes my life easier. I want to share how my smart home helps me.

My Smart Home takes care of kids

  • To know that the kids are safe back from school. I can get notifications to my phone from the indoor camera and the front door sensor when the older kids arrived from school. More than that, if my son did NOT open the door with his code and it is after 4 pm, the system will send me a special alert and I can call him or the school to find out.
  • To know my toddler is treated with care. We use a wide angle indoor Canary camera in the nursery. It is also equipped with the microphone, so not only I can see my toddler during the day, but will not miss his first words!
  • ‘Smart House rules” for kids. My smart home helps me to deal with bed-time and morning routine. At 7.30 pm the house announces through the main speaker in the living room that it is time to get ready for bed-time. At 8 pm the house lights dim down 50% in the play room and in the living room, light turns blue in the foyer and a soft music turns on. Kids do not argue, because how can you argue with a house? At 10 pm the children’s router turns off! That’s it – no internet and no fights about when to go to bed! I can finish the day on a calm note and relax myself.
  • “Good Morning” mode turns on the lights and TV on, adjusts thermostat to a comfortable temperature for us to run barefoot, raises motorized window shades. At 7.30 in the morning we have the kid’s favourite music on to start the day and the light bulbs in the kitchen turning pink 7 minutes before the school bus leaving, right enough time to put on the shoes and go out.

My smart home takes care of grandparents

  • To know my mom is OK and takes her medication on time – > learn more how to help elderly parents stay independent longer
  • For my mom, who is still independent and lives in her own house we did the automatic lights system, so that she does not have to worry about looking for a switch but always have her way around the house well lit and thus safe. At night time going to the bathroom does not wake her up as it used to: because the lights are only turning on to a minimum and comfortable for an eye level. We also put light control pad right by her night table, so that she can use All On or All Off commands with one touch of a button right from her bed, without having to worry about the lights left over anywhere in the house.
  • She also uses a device called Mama to remind her to take her medication on time
  • My mom, in her turn, is having fun watching over her cottage in Florida. She rents it out when she is not there and is able to see if the tenants don’t forget to turn the lights off or lock the doors. If they leave the patio door open, she is turning off their air conditioner! This makes her feel in control.

My smart home does the chores

  • I can do house cleaning while at work, because I use Samsung robot vacuum cleaner with a built-in camera. So I can see what’s going on.
  • I don’t forget laundry in the dryer, because the machine sends me a message when it is finished. I can even see the message on the TV screen
  • I learned that Samsung has even more to offer than other smart home providers. It can connect together its family of Samsung home appliances, like washer, dryer, air conditioner, smart fridge and TV. Through the use of integrated platform, server and device control, you can monitor and control home devices – turning on air conditioning or monitoring laundry cycle, for example—while inside or outside the home, or even while travelling abroad. You can do it through a smart phone, tablet or even the wearable device Galaxy gear no matter where you are. Samsung’s smart appliances have built-in cameras. So you can utilize Home View feature and see your home through the eyes of your vacuum cleaner or the air conditioner. Not only it is fun, but also useful, because the appliances can interact with the owners and send notifications if it is time to service or replace consumables.
  • I also use a robot window cleaner
  • My favourite: “Going out” mode that turns all relevant appliances off, sets back the thermostat, close the motorized window shades and I do not have to worry if I have left the lights on, or the stove or the AC on maximum.
  • I will keep you updated on other smart home products as soon as I get my hands on them.
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