Smart House Energy Management


Have you ever experienced an increased heartbeat opening your hydro bill: “How much is this month?!”

Our home is our castle, our sanctuary, demonstration of our imagination and creativity, and with ever-rising energy costs, an increasing expense.

The right home automation system can provide you with energy saving solutions that are good thing for both environment and your wallet.

Combine Automated shades, Lights control and Thermostat for maximum saving.

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You don’t have to compromise your Comfort for Energy Saving

home temperature monitoring

Your smart home system can be programmed with different settings that respond to the time of the day, weather, season and your personal habits.

You can have your blinds open and close to block or let in light depending on the time of day, and have that automatically change in the winter months when the days get shorter.

Smart Thermostat will help you save energy by not cooling or heating your house when you are not at home.

Lights will turn on only where needed and when needed. All this without you even thinking about it.

Ways to save on utility bills through home automation:

  • Turn the lights off when no one is present in the room with the help of occupancy/vacancy sensors and smart switches
  • Dim the lights 10% down in the whole house at a pre-set time. Your eyes will not even see the difference.
  • Program to pull down automatic shades on the west and south sides in the afternoon to prevent the hot sun light to enter the house. Use Honeycomb shades for maximum insulation
  • Change the incandescent lights in the house to LED lights. LED bulbs are 7 times more efficient, have 15 times longer life and only 3-4 times more expensive then incandescent bulbs
  • Use presence sensors to outdoor lights vs. all-night lighting
  • Eliminate “vampire currents” in the electronic devices by using plug-in appliance module
House Energy Management

Lutron, the company which first introduced the dimmer over 50 years ago and since that time specializing on energy savings via lighting control offers an interactive dimmer calculator.

Click on Lutron Energy Savig Calculator to see how much you can save: