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The most amazing features that the newest smart home systems can provide are in the area of home entertainment. You can get the true movie theatre experience from the comfort of your own home, filling it with surround sound and a 4K video that makes you feel like you are a part of the action, or set the mood for the whole house and let your favourite music follow you in every room.

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or just start with a couple of speakers in your kitchen. We do it all. Get in touch to receive a FREE EVALUATION of your existing A/V system. See what you can be missing out and what features could be added even without buying new equipment.
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Complete Home Theatre Experience

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For the ultimate home theatre experience you must combine control of all systems: audio and video equipment with lights and shades, presence sensors and even climate control.  Shades have to go down, lights have to dim down gradually and die, leaving no distracting light bleeds, screen has to be revealed from behind the drapery and the movie of your choice start effortlessly for you to immerse into the sound and colours of the scene.

For home automation that involves entertainment system, we have a strong preference for Control4, for a number of reasons:

  • Its scalability – you can start with one room solution implementing a single SR-260 Remote Control and EA Controller to control your home theatre and add the control of entire house and different systems – lights, blinds, thermostat, security equipment.
  • Functionality and Integration options – Control4 supports nearly 10,000 consumer devices and can create entertainment experiences, personalized to exactly how you live
  • Ease of use  through intuitive Control4 interfaces: handheld remote, tabletop touch screen, or on-wall multi-button touch pad, the phone in your pocket or even a voice command to Amazon Echo
  • Consistency and reliability – Control4 is recognized for its superior technical features and customer support and is, therefore, the largest home automation provider in the world.
  • Affordability – Control4 stands out among other home automation platforms offering comprehensive solutions. The system does require professional installation, however it allows for streamlined programming and flexible installation options, which provides for drastically reduced system set-up time and therefore reasonable installation cost.

This is what you can do with Control4, starting with the easiest solution:

Simplified Family Room Entertainment. Say goodbye to coffee table clutter. With a single hand-held remote or an elegant tabletop touch screen, you can control virtually everything in your media cabinet.

  • Enjoy music and video from a variety of sources. Watch TV or Blue-ray movies, stream video, power up a video game, access your movie collection or enjoy your entire music library (by connecting your digital movie and songs library to the controller)
  • Enjoy access to million of songs. Popular streaming products and services such as Deezer, Napster, Pandora, TIDAL and TuneIn are already included in every system. This comes with high-resolution audio capabilities, so you can indulge in the greatest of sound just as the artist intended.
  • Easily integrate with popular products and services such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Hulu and more.
  • Dim the lights without ever leaving the couch (by installing wireless Control4 dimmers)


Dedicated Home Theatre

Design a jaw-dropping home cinema that rivals any cineplex by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio, high-definition video, best-in-class surround sound, an enormous smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to complete the experience.

  • Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices—or browse through them all simultaneously.
  • Hide all of your equipment in a closet and control everything with a single, easy-to-use remote or elegant touch screen.
  • Enjoy smart lighting throughout the room that dims when you press “play” and ramps back up when you press “pause.”
  • Incorporate special lighting features, like pathway lights and starry-night ceilings.
  • Manipulate your automated blinds to block the light and eliminate even the slightest distraction to your viewing experience.
  • Control your whole home from the theater, including adjusting the room temperature or seeing who is at the front door, without leaving your seat.

Multi-room Audio and Video features of Control4

  • Enjoy 4K high-definition video in every room. Everyone can enjoy the same movie or watch what they want in any room. Share your entire movie library and stream video and satellite channels throughout the home without the need for additional video sources in every room.
  • Multiply your entertainment options. With Control4, you can distribute 10 HDMI sources (satellite/cable boxes, treaming media, media players or gaming devices) to 10 video display locations with full 4K HD clarity, all in a centralized, out-of-sight location.
  • Greater accessibility for your acoustics. Fire up your playlist on the patio, right from the smartphone in your pocket. Enjoy always-on convenience from the touch screen in the kitchen. Even start, stop and skip music from a keypad on the wall.

When it comes to choosing the audio system for your home entertainment project, we would recommend Monitor Audio, the decades-long leader in professional audio systems and multiple awards winning speakers. These speakers are recognized to have the clearest sound in both high and low frequencies and the best sound stage effect (by utilizing C-CAM technology in their drivers). And they will last forever with the British quality and attention to details.

Building YOUR OWN Home Theatre

Designing your own Home Theatre could be the most exciting experience in your life. To make it a happy and successful experience you have to give it a lot of thought, energy, and commitment.

Building a home theatre involves a few steps:  starting with picking and preparing the room for the home theatre, creating a basic floor plan, deciding on the overall design and considering tearing open your walls to run cables, add dedicated circuits for electrical needs and potentially add in-wall speakers. While there is mess created by poking holes in the walls, the result is far superior to the clutter found in most  theaters. Many wives hate big AV systems because they rarely ever look finished or neat. If you tear up the walls and hide your cables like a pro, you will have overcome potential objections from your Significant Other.

When considering your media room, think about the acoustical elements in it, such as drapes, carpet, wall coverings, ceiling textures and more. The surface should not allow vibrations or reflections of the sound waves. Glass walls, hardwood floors, and even coffee tables can make your home theatre too reflective.

Other steps involve choice and placement of the speakers and equipment rack, lighting and seating. We can help you at each stage of the journey:  advise you on the choice of a projector and a screen, suggest the right type and placement of the audio equipment for the surround sound and the ultimate Dolby Atmos experience. We  will supply, install and program the system to work exactly how you want it.

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We specialize on built-in speakers, whether in the dedicated media room or in the whole house (Ceiling and Wall Trimless series by Monitor Audio). You can even have an In-Wall subwoofer that does not take precious space in your room.  They all make your house look modern and neat.  Consider implementing the award winning , slender Sound Frame  series by Monitor Audio. Not only they sound great but can add to the house design by adding  Art to the grills and lacker to the frames.

In addition, you can have the coolest touch panel and remote control, intuitive and easy-to-operate, which will be loved even by your visiting in-laws.