House Security and Surveillance

House Security and surveillance

Keep an eye on your home – even when you are away

Traditional security systems can give a good protection to your home. But home automation brings the security to a different level. These are the features that make a huge difference:

  • View and control the house in real time from anywhere
  • Get instant notifications to your phone in case of a security breach
  • Open your door from your smart phone
  • Talk to a front door visitor through a security camera and your phone
  • For added protection combine lights, locks, security systems and cameras to create unique scenarios for your house

It feels much safer when you come home to a well lit house and when the house can distinguish who is arriving. Whether it is a security camera’s watchful eye or a water leak or fire sensor, you will be notified of a possible problem immediately. An automated home keeps your house under surveillance so you can react at a moment’s notice when timing is crucial. It can the call the police for you or let you make the decision yourself on how to proceed.

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Protect those who matter most for you.

  • Check if children are safe back from school with outdoor or indoor camera, digital locks or presence sensors, all connected to your smartphone.
  • Check how your nanny is treating your child, or talk to your pet via an indoor smart camera
  • Add a smart Door Bell to overcome the blind spot at your front door. See who is there before answering.
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There is something you can do right now, even before investing into a complex security system.

Couple basic products can give you additional peace of mind:

canary smart home security

Canary smart home security

The HD video camera has safety sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration and sound. You can use these items to create notifications and take a live look into your home when one is received on your smart device.

sengled snap

Sengled Snap Camera

Snap combines a wireless HD camera with an energy-efficient LED light bulb for outdoor monitoring. No wiring required. Place Snap over entryways and garages to keep an eye on your surroundings at day and at night.


Ring Video Doorbell

With wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, it’s like you’re home even when you’re not. Connect your Ring Video Doorbell with your favourite smart locks and hubs for added convenience, monitoring and security.

Lockstate RemoteLock

Lockstate RemoteLock

You can lock or unlock your door remotedly. Know who enters your property and when. Issue full or limited access to different users. Issue new codes or delete codes with your computer or phone.

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Burglar, fire and leak detection.

Can you imagine a life with less worries? Security sensors act as the eyes and the ears of your home. Smart systems are able to automatically call you and/or the police when intruders are detected in a home. They can also send you immediate alerts when leaks are detected, when valuable items move, or when kids try to access off-limits cabinets or areas of the house. Our life will become more secure and less anxious.

Access Control Automation

For additional security add a digital lock with personal codes and an access control board  and a digital door bell.  When someone rings the bell,  your TV screen will pause the movie and display the door camera. Now you can see who is there at your door and talk to him from any distant location, you can open the door for him or call the police.

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