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Light management with Lutron shades

The entire apartment in Yorkville village is manged by Lutron shades. It has “Morning”, “Good night”, “Movie time” schedules. It allows the owner to maximize the use of the daylight and protect the apartment from the heat in summer.

Click to see the shades in motion

Lutron shades installed

Maxxmar dual shades perfectly fit oversize windows  in a Richmond Hill house

Maxxmar dual shades (Mandalay) operated  by the powerful Somfy Sonesse30 motor.

Dual shades allow the stripes alignment to preserve the outside view or overlap for complete privacy.

Lutron shades in a Queens Quay condo in Downtown Toronto

Lutron 5% transparency roller shades protect the floors and furniture from damaging UV rays but allow some outside view on the lake Ontario.

Complete blackout shades with side channels in the bedroom (picture at the bottom right) prevent the light sneaking into the bedroom and disturbing the morning sleep.

Lutron shades 5% transparency

Somfy Sonesse40 motor – an ideal option for a High Window

This 15ft-high window is covered by a Maxxmar 3%-transparency screen operated by a powerful Sonesse40 motor. One screen covers both the upper and lower parts of the window giving it a modern clean look and providing enough privacy for the people inside. The motor is hard-wired, with wires hidden into a special channel inside the window frame and then behind the drywall and plugged into a receptacle beneath the window.

high window covered by automated roller shade

Somfy Sonesse 30 wireless motor – an optimal solution for a condo

This living room has two glass walls and the owners wanted a solution to darken the room for watcing their 80″ TV and at the same time to have an elegant window covering to fit their modern black-and-white decor. Maxxmar Mandalay dual shade (Vue Ebony fabric) with a silent Sonesse 30 wire-free motor is a solution to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat coming through the windows during the daytime,  and enjoy the daylight and the view by effortlessly opening the shades with a remote. Sonesse 30 wire-free motor is the most silent of Somfy’s motors, and and did not require any wires installation. The motor can be re-charged once or twice a year.

Mandalay ebony shades