Smart Bulbs

Elegant and simple start for your smart home

Connected lighting with LED Smart Bulbs.

Create the perfect ambiance at home with connected lighting. Energy-saving LED light bulbs can be controlled by a remote control or your smartphone. Lights can sense you and your phone entering the room and create an illuminated path of way, making your life more convenient and enjoyable.

Hybrid lighting for a smarter home

Convenience of the hybrid lighting made it extremely popular. By adding a companion to the LED element, like a speaker, a camera, a smoke detector or even a perfume dispenser, a simple bulb can become an all-in-one multi-functional device.  This device uses a bulb socket as the source of power and therefore can be used anywhere where a bulb can go. No need to put the wires through the walls to set a security camera, or bother with battery replacement for a small speaker.

A large variety of “smart bulbs” from different manufacturers appears on the market every day. We offer the highest class products in terms of their performance and longevity.

AwoX Connected Lighting – Get ready to enjoy a connected lifestyle
AwoX Smart LED Bulbs
Sengled Pulse– Turn it on, turn it up!
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